Amar can be described as an athlete, an entrepreneur, a lover, a traveler, an explorer and a writer. He has traveled to many different places and finds traveling as a way to learn about the world in new ways. Amar views life as a place to learn, grow and explore. He is a very curious person in nature and he will always question the normal way of thinking and living. Amar does not consider himself the average person and follows his heart in order to live his life to the fullest. Click here to find out more about Amar. 


Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
— Albert Einstein

In this Book, Amar Sahota dives deep into the mystery of ayahuasca. What is it? Where does it take you? Why is it so healing? Why is it so terrifying? Amar gives you his detailed experiences of what exactly happened to him in the Amazonian Jungle along with a general overview of what ayahuasca is; how it works on the mind, body, and soul; and how a life can transform with the use of it. This is a great book if you are considering having an ayahuasca adventure of your own or are curious about what this plant medicine is exactly.

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