Who Am I ? 


I am a simple guy.

I don’t like to complicate things because most of the time things don’t need to be complicated. Reality itself is very simple and practical, so much so, most of us miss it.  The name Amar means to love and that is exactly what I do. I put my effort in giving and spreading love in any way that I can, but a lot of people only see what love is on the surface. Yes love makes you feel good, but behind it are feelings of loss, unpredictability, dedication, faith and a never ending emotional roller coaster. If you ask me if it is worth it, I would say hell yes! It is better to have loved and lost then to not have loved at all. The roller coaster is what makes life worth living. That being said I believe that it is most important to love myself before I love anyone else. As selfish as this may sound I believe and have seen from past experiences that if I do not focus on myself first there is no way I can help others. If I am angry, upset or emotionally unstable trying to help others is futile. When I have myself together is when I have the most capacity to spread my love and be the best for others.

Hard-work is ingrained into my body. When I was a kid I was put in private school which would start at 8:30 and end at 4, some days at 6.  When school was done I either had soccer practice or a soccer game, or either hockey practice or a hockey game depending on the season.  I also learned a lot from family about hard work. They have their own business and work insane hours. My dad and uncle get up 4:30 AM and do not come home until 6, 7 sometimes 8 depending on what needs to get done.  I am very grateful for my dad and uncle for teaching me this. It has helped me excel in life.

 I am very physical. I love to move my body and be physically active. I am the guy who takes the stairs while everyone else is taking the escalator. At young age I had a natural talent playing sports. I played in very competitive divisions in soccer and in hockey. I love being outdoors and in nature. Snowboarding is one of my favourite pastimes. Even though I am very physical, when it comes to sitting at a desk and getting to work I can get more work done compared to the average person.  This is because my thoughts are clear and I let them flow without getting distracted easily.  I can get into the zone with ease if I am working on something I enjoy. Everything fades away except for what I am working on and time is non-existent. When I am done I realize how enjoyable being in that state of mind is.

My philosophy is don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t randomly accept what people say, or what you read and make them your beliefs because you have an emotional attachment to them or they “seem” like how it is. This goes for people like my parents, brother and close family and friends. The only way you can truly know something is if you experience it for yourself. This is why I take the time to explore new avenues and see which ones work for me and which ones don’t. I feel like a lot of people in this day of age just take what people say as truth, maybe because they are heavy influencers in the world or maybe because they have a close relationship with you. But if you really think about it, it is impossible to know that some else knows.  Having this philosophy fuels my drive to travel, explore and find new treasures in this world. I at least travel once a year and have been to more places than the average 21 year old could have dreamed of.  Traveling teaches me a lot, about how diverse the world is, how there is no one way to live, how beautiful life is, how to appreciate what I have and most of all to open my mind to the world as it is.

“All that I know is that I know nothing”  
— Socrates


I live by that quote. This is deeply ingrained into my mind and it is the reason why I have this unquenchable thirst to learn about everything I possibly can. I know it is impossible learn about everything, there is no time, even to know one aspect of the world in its entirety would take infinite amount of time.  This is what fuels me to read books, be open to new knowledge and learn more and more every day but I focus on obtaining knowledge that will help me carry-out my purpose in life. “All that I know is that I know nothing“ allows me not to judge people for what they do, or how they act and I am able to spread love to the fullest no matter who you are. There are things in life that we know that we know, things we know that we don’t know and things we don’t know that we don’t know. Things we don’t know that we don’t know make up more than 99% of the knowledge out there.

This is why personal development, expanding our awareness, exploring the nature of ourselves, finding out why we do the things we do is so important and is a major focus in my life. One thing I learned is what you don’t know will kill you. I know that this sounds counter-intuitive considering the quote “All that I know is that I know nothing” but when I reference this quote I am comparing what I know to the knowledge of the world and what I know is pretty much nothing in comparison. There are always barriers in our lives that hold us back whether we know about them or not. When I discover some that I am not aware of, I can deal with it. When it is dealt with it doesn’t have power to restrict me and then I am free.  When I am free I can spread my love and happiness to the fullest. I will forever continue to learn new things about myself

The most important thing I have realized about myself is that I thought I knew it all, from a young age things were too easy for me which deeply ingrained the thought that I knew everything and I was superior. Even though this was very hard to notice it did determine the way I behaved in the past. My mindset has changed drastically. As I live and travel more and more, the more I realize that the World is so vast, so big and I see that there is so much to learn and to explore.  There is so much I don’t know and this drives me to want to know more, to listen with a clear mind and to absorb knowledge completely without preconceived notions. Existence is just so beautiful. I am eager to help it prosper and eager to learn more and grow more with it. After much personal work I have found my purpose in life to be to learn, grow and inspire others. I want to make a big change in the world for the better through what I have experienced in life by creating, sharing and helping.

- Amar Sahota