Straight to the Source : My 5-Meo-DMT experience


Wow! What a mind-blowing experience. The following post is going to discuss a little bit about what 5-MeO-DMT is and my experience with it in the jungle. This was the one of the deepest experiences I have ever had in my life. It was so profound. 5-MeO-DMT is one of the most powerful psychedelic substance known on Earth. I have always been very curious to try 5-MeO-DMT but I wasn’t sure if I was ready for such an intense experience. I have read many experiences with 5-MeO-DMT and the majority of them said they met with God, became one with everything, went to a void space, or something along those lines. I felt like there was a lot I could learn from this substance.

 Before I go into explaining my experience, I am going to explain a little bit about what 5-MeO-DMT is. The full name for 5-MeO-DMT is 5-Methoxy-N, N-Dimethyltryptamine. It belongs to the psychedelic class of tryptamines. Tryptamines are very similar in molecular structure to serotonin and are able to produce psychoactive effects by using the serotonin network in the body. All though that is the scientific reasoning of why we experience altered states of consciousness when we take these substances, there is much more to it than just chemicals in the brain. Psychedlics are a class of substances that are able induce visions and altered states of consciousness in a user. They are shown to have profound effects, and can be used to treat a variety of mental illnesses. For more on psychedelics you can check out more posts on my blog here. 5-MeO-DMT is found naturally (in trace amounts) in human bodily fluids such as urine, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid. It is also produced in the retina and pineal gland.


5-MeO-DMT is an entheogen that comes from many different types of plants, the most common being Anadenanthera Peregrina (yopo or cohoba) and Virola Theiodora. It also comes from a toxin secreted from the skin of the Bufo Alvarius toad, commonly known as the Colorado River Toad or the Sonoran Desert Toad. The Bufo Alvarius toad is commonly found in northern Mexico and the southern United States. It is the only known animal that is able to secret a psychedelic substance. This is where the famous myth comes from that if you lick the right toad, you can get enlightened. Just a heads up before you start licking toads, this is purely a myth and the majority of people who have licked toads have become hospitalized or die because, in the case of the Bufo Alvarius toad, there are many toxins that are harmful to humans that the toad secrets along with the 5-MeO-DMT, so don’t go around licking toads to get enlightened!


 I find it very interesting how 5-MeO-DMT is not new to humanity, it has been around for hundreds of years, maybe even thousands. It was first formally reported being used in a snuff form by indigenous people in South America in the 15th century by Friar Ramón Pané, who reported to Christopher Columbus, but there is evidence of it being used in northern Chile in the 8th century. The South Americans used it as medicine and used it to help them connect with spirits for guidance. Some research actually indicates that ayahuasca, the powerful entheogenic brew, along with many other plant medicines were discovered because of the intuition the shamans were able to develop with the use of these ancient 5-MeO-DMT infused snuffs. It was first synthesized by chemists Toshio Hoshino and Kenya Shimodair in 1936.

 I smoked 5-MeO-DMT when I was at Arkana, a beautiful ayahuasca retreat center in the Amazon jungle. This was my first experience with 5-MeO-DMT. I was feeling a lot of love and clarity that day. I had just done two ayahuasca ceremonies and the ayahuasca made me feel very grounded within myself. My head space was extremely clear. I was feeling very connected with the jungle and the people around me. I think this directly correlated to my experience. Arkana is a place full of love and there was a no better place that I could try this substance for the first time. To find out more about my experience at Arkana and my ayahuasca ceremonies click here.

 Below is my experience with 5-MeO-DMT. I do not remember everything that happened because the experience was so enormous and so out of this world that when I came back to reality, I could only grasp parts of it. 


My Experience

I was on the fence of trying the Sapo medicine (5-MeO-DMT). I was not sure if it was going to help or hinder the ayahuasca process I was currently in at Arkana. As the time came closer I was more open to trying it. On the day of, it just felt right to do it or right not to do it. So I just went with the flow and decided to go for it. My intention for the ceremony was love. The ceremony started with Cecilia (the facilitator of the ceremony) explaining a little bit about 5-MeO-DMT. I was in a small maloka with some of the people from the retreat center. There was five us actually doing the ceremony and the rest were spectating. I volunteered to be the first one to go. I found the way she was going to administer the 5-MeO-DMT very intriguing. There was a glass vase with a hose attached to it. She put about 15 mg of 5-MeO-DMT in the vase and heated up the vase with the blowtorch. The vase filled with smoke. I took a deep inhale and a deep exhale. After my lungs were empty, I started to inhale the smoke from the vase. It wasn’t that harsh, I just inhaled as much as I could. I was swallowing while I was inhaling. It felt as if I was inhaling for a long time. I felt it come on strong while I was still inhaling.

It got to the point of where the hose and even my lungs inhaling all disappeared. I remember lying down in a very sedative state but I have no recollection of exhaling or even if I finished the smoke in the vase. It was very similar to the feeling you get when a doctor gives you anesthesia right before a surgery to knock you out for a couple of hours, but surprisingly my awareness was not decreasing, it was actually increasing exponentially. I could feel it all through my body but at the same time, my body was not there. I felt as if my body became everything. I went straight to the source of the love within me. During this experience, there was no recollection of time. I am not entirely sure if the order of events described below is in sequence.

 I remember I was basking in an ocean of love. It was like I was moving through this ocean but I was completely still at the same time. There was no me, or you could say that everything was me. It was intense now that I think about it, but during the experience, there was no difference between something that was intense or not intense. It just was. I remember saying “Its okay” over and over. I felt as if everything the way it is, is okay. I remember I was feeling an extremely deep trust in everything. It was like anyone could do anything to me and I would still be okay. It didn’t matter, I am always okay. I felt as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with the world. I was really okay with the experience I was going through and I was okay with everything that happened in my life and will happen in my life. I saw that there was a great power, a great wisdom, and an infinite love that arises with being okay with everything that is happening right now in the present moment. It felt as if this feeling of being okay with everything was merging with my being. I remember there was so much love I was moaning. I kept saying out loud “Love” over and over again. I also kept saying “I love the jungle”, “I love you all”. There was so much love coming to me and coming out of me, which both felt the same. I saw that everything is just made up of love. I saw that everything is myself. As someone was putting blankets under my feet, fanning me, and spraying aqua de flourida on me, I felt as if it was me doing this. It was very odd because a part of me knew that it was the helpers but I felt like it was just me doing this to myself.

 I saw the more present you are the more love you will feel. There is no past or future, but sometimes we project ourselves out of the present moment. The present moment is everything and is the only thing that exists. The only way you can project yourself in the past or the future is if you get lost in your own thoughts.

 I saw the jungle was so pure. I saw that the jungle was one of the greatest teachers. It teaches us how to deal with things and helps us grow, all while taking care of us. I saw that this deep love I was experiencing is present in every single individual. Even though everyone is on a different level of growth, everyone has an infinite love within them. Random insights were coming to me. One of them was to read the book “Power VS Force”. I saw so much love for the people around me. For everyone I saw; my family, my friends, the people here; I felt so much love towards them. I remember saying I love you to everyone in the maloka and hearing them say it back. I then said I love hearing you say I love you back. There was just an abundance of love. The music Cecilia was playing really helped the trip progress.

  I saw the wisdom in having no preferences. Having no preferences is what the deepest form of unconditional love is. I saw how powerful the wisdom of guru I follow, named Sadh Guru, was. I saw that the amount of love he was giving to the world was absolutely enormous and was so grateful that the love he spreads was able to touch me. I also saw how much love the shamans and helpers at the retreat center showed. The more love these people showed me and the more open I was to it, the deeper the love I would feel in myself. It was absolutely incredible. I saw that it didn’t matter for people to experience this because this love is always with them even if they are not conscious of it.

 I remember Cecilia was pouring water in my mouth at one point. It was the most refreshing thing I have ever experienced. I could feel the purity of the water. I remember after I was coming back to normal reality again, I got up and I gave everyone a hug who was witnessing the ceremony in the maloka. It was incredible. Tears of love were streaming down my face. I could feel everyone so deeply. I went for a walk around the center and I felt as if I was air. I could feel my breath so clearly. I was a lot more settled down at this point. I came back to the maloka and lied down until the effects fully calmed down.

 This is the way I can explain it, but it is not what happened. 5-MeO-DMT is a different reality and you can only know what that reality is like when you are in that realm. This is the best way I can explain it in this reality I am living in now. It was the most love I have ever experienced in my life. If you do ever want to try this substance please have respect for it and do thorough research before using it. One thing I know for sure after this experience is that I am always feeling this love, it will always be with me, it is in every one of us and it is infinite, even though I may not be fully conscious of it anymore.

Lots of Love to everyone!



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Peru. What an amazing country! I traveled to Peru for a total of two weeks. During the first week of my trip, I traveled to different parts of Peru. We started off at the biggest city in Peru, Lima, right on the South American coast, then made our way to a small town on the coast called Paracas. Paracas had the most amazing wildlife, everything from penguins to sea lions. We then traveled to an oasis in the dessert called Huacachina, where we sandboarded down huge sand dunes. The views were stunning and out of this world. We then journeyed to the breath-taking mountains where the well-known ancient city of Machu Picchu is located. Machu Picchu was full of mystery and the views, as well as the high altitude, took my breath away. After Machu Picchu, we stayed in the beautiful city of Cusco for a night. Cusco was an amazing little town in the mountains, full of good food, nice shops, and a unique culture.

Finally, we made it to my last stop which was at Arkana, an ayahuasca retreat center in the heart of the Amazon jungle. I spent the second week of my trip at Arkana and it was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Peru is the most diverse country I have ever been to. The country is full of beautiful towns, the most delicious foods, a diverse landscape, and amazing culture. All though traveling hundreds of miles around Peru was absolutely phenomenal, my journey didn’t really start until I arrived at the retreat center at Arkana.


 The following post is going to include my detailed trip reports during my ceremonies at Arkana. I did a total of four ceremonies during the week I was there. This is my second time doing ayahuasca and I found that this time was a much more pleasant experience. I think the main reason for this was because I was more open to the medicine and didn’t go into my ceremonies with fear. My attitude before going into my ceremonies was that whatever was going to happen was going to happen, and I just wanted to allow the ayahuasca to work through me and accept whatever I saw or felt. No matter what my experience was, I knew I could learn something valuable from it, so I tried my best to let go of all my expectations and allowed the experience to be what it was meant to be. I felt that this attitude helped me get the most out of my ceremonies.

Before I go into my trip reports, I want to talk a bit about Arkana. My experience was directly connected to my surroundings so to understand my experience fully, it is important to know the context in which my experience occurred. Arkana is a space of just pure love. It was right off a river in the Amazon Rainforest. The entire retreat center was constructed with natural materials, and to me, felt like a giant piece of art. The helpers at the center were fantastic. There were three main helpers, Angel, Nidia and Sarah. All three of them have the most amazing souls and was a big part of the reason I was able to have such a wonderful experience there. I was able to learn a lot from them and they were all full of love. The shamans there were amazing as well.

During my stay, the head Maestro was Christian. He was young, in his early thirties, but had been drinking ayahuasca since he was fourteen. He trained with many different shamans as he was learning to become a shaman himself. The other two shamans were Isabella and Rafael. All of them had the most amazing voices and I could feel there love and healing energy through the icaros they sang during the ceremony. The shamans were another reason I had such a meaningful and profound experience.

The food at Arkana was incredible. My favorite thing about the food was the juices they served with the meals. They were so refreshing and tasted amazing. The group of people that I was with when I was at the center had the most beautiful souls and were all phenomenal people. The group was made up of people from all over the world and each one had there own story to tell. The group really inspired me. I felt as if I was really connected with everyone there. If you guys are reading this, I love you all! You all played a big role in making my experience very profound.


  Another really good thing I liked about Arkana was that they used other medicines along with the ayahuasca. They also included Kambo ceremonies, Nunu ceremonies and Sapo(5-MeO-DMT) ceremonies. Kambo is a traditional amazonian plant medicine used to cure a variety of illnesses and cleanse the system. I felt as if the Kambo really helped me detox my body and made my spirit strong. Nunu is a snuff that the people of South Amecia use to clear up sinuses and open up their third eye. The Nunu ceremony completely cleared my sinuses and I could definitely feel something opening up in my forehead during the ceremony. The Sapo (5-MeO-DMT) was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I went to the source of the love within me. You can read about my experience with the Sapo medicine (5-Meo-DMT) by clicking here.

The helpers also organized a lot of events during the day. There were yoga and meditations events which I really enjoyed. Falcon, one of the helpers, organized trips to go fishing, see monkeys, trek in the jungle, go crocodile hunting and go swimming in the river. The space at Arkana was very beautiful and I felt very connected to the jungle when I was there. All these things along with the ayahuasca ceremonies made my week stay there one of the most incredible weeks of my life.


Below are my ceremony reports. I did try to remember everything that happened and write as much as could but there was so much that happened during my ceremonies, there was no way I could get it all down. There was also a lot of things that happened that I can’t really explain in words but I do my best to get the core essence of what I was going through. Ayahuasca can take you to a different reality, and when you come back to normal reality many things are difficult to conceptualize and communicate. Some stuff may be out there and may not make much sense but I am just writing what I was feeling at the time to the best of my ability.

To understand my experience in more detail, it is important to know my intentions. With ayahuasca, as I learned from my previous ayahuasca experience, the intention going into a ceremony will greatly affect the outcome. My overall intention with ayahuasca was to grow myself as a person. I felt like I did grow a lot from my last experience with ayahuasca but I did feel that there was much more room to grow. I wanted to increase my consciousness and understand more about what consciousness really was. I also felt like I could be more intuitive. I felt like I used my intellect in situations where I should have been using my intuition. I wanted to feel more and use my intuition to help me make decisions rather than using logic alone. I did have a tendency to get lost in my thoughts and I wanted to be very clear in my perception. I also wanted to see if I needed any healing and bring my body into balance.


 Ceremony 1

My intention for this ceremony was to connect with La Medicine. I was feeling pretty good going into the experience. I did not have any expectations and was ready to accept whatever I had to go through. I was not nervous going into it, as opposed to my last ceremonies with ayahuasca two years ago at Nihue Rao. I think this comes from me become more accepting of life and allowing things to happen naturally, whatever it is. I was at Arkana with my cousin Selina and my brother Bikeram. This time I was not as worried about the people who came with me as much as last time because I knew that they had to go through their own journey and I really had to focus on myself. Bikeram was at Arkana a week before I arrived and he seemed to be at peace with himself. I still felt, as did others at the retreat center, that he had to open up and let go a little more. I was really happy for him that he was on his healing journey and really admired his courage to face his problems head on.

The ceremony began at 730 at night. There was three Shamans or Maestros who were facilitating the ceremony. They were Christian, Rafael, and Isabella. Sarah started off by blowing a certain smoke on us to protect us. The Shamans started off by protecting the maloka. I was feeling a little bit tired when they were doing this. After everything was set, we one by one went up to take our shot of ayahuasca. I was second, after Ahmed, to go up. Angel was the one administering the shots. He gave me a full shot and it was a lot more than was given to me at Nihue Rao. It had a very strong taste too it. Even just thinking of it makes me cringe. I went back to my bed and waited for the ceremony to start. Angel, Nidia, and Sarah blew out the candles and the Maloka went dark. It was actually pretty bright and I found that I could see relatively clearly for how dark it was.

I think it was about 15 minutes into the ceremony when I started to feel light headed. A part of me thought I was not going to feel much but after my head started to very feel light, I knew it was going to hit me hard. I started to see these patterns and it was the familiar spiral patterns I see sometimes when I am under the influence of psychedelics. They were not super vivid but nonetheless, they were still there in my awareness. I saw Mother Ayahuasca entering me. She came to me in a form that felt like a spirit. This spirit had the most beautiful square-like patterns. The patterns looked like mazes and were super intricate. They had a blue, green and white color to them. It was cool the see that. I then found myself feeling a little uncomfortable but right away I said to myself: “You are welcome here”. I really just allowed the medicine to work its magic.  It was like the ayahuasca was taking over my consciousness and I just let it.

I really started to see how powerful this medicine was. It was working on my physical, mental and energetic levels. It was truly amazing to see how the medicine was able to work on multiple dimensions of my life at the same time. I am not sure what the time sequence of the events that followed are but a lot of things happened during my ceremony.

I remembered my deeper experiences at Nihue Rao. I remembered intense feelings and experiences I went through. I was not going through these exact ones, but I was remembering them more vividly as I did forget how deep they went. As I entered the realm of ayahuasca again I had this certain clarity of consciousness and clarity of my other ayahuasca experiences. This consciousness was extremely deep. It is something I find very difficult putting into words and it is something I tend to forget about in my everyday experience. I didn’t venture too deep into this area of consciousness because I felt like I went deep into this area in my last experience with ayahuasca at Nihue Roa.

I was also starting to understand what consciousness itself was. It is not at all what I think it is. It is unfathomable. In a sober state, it is difficult for me to really grasp it, but during the ceremony, I was getting many insights about how consciousness works and what it actually was. I feel like this understanding can go way deeper and I also feel that it is not something that can be explained, it can only be known by the individual. I saw that the consciousness level you were at would determine everything about your life. I saw that all the actions that the individual carried out were based on his consciousness level. A person with a higher consciousness would partake in higher consciousness activities. Higher consciousness activities are ones where there is more integrity, more health, more clarity and make sense in accordance to live life in a way to get the most out of it. Higher consciousness activities were not “better” than lower consciousness activities in any way. Higher consciousness activities just worked properly with life. I remember seeing a lot of higher consciousness values such as responsibility, humbleness, and integrity. These values if carried out would allow me to see clearly and would empower me. I also remember seeing how important it was to learn from everything that has happened. Whatever I experienced there was a lesson to be learned from it. This was a big insight that stuck with me.

I remember thinking about the things I was doing in Thailand a few months ago when I was traveling. Mostly, I was drinking alcohol and having sex with different women. As fun and okay that these experiences were, they were lower consciousness activities. I would rather find someone to share my love with rather than just having mindless sex. Just having sex is very incomplete and is without integrity. I was starting to realize in a deeper sense that making love is very different that just having sex.

I remember seeing how I really had to be okay with what stage of consciousness every person was at and I had to be okay with what stage of consciousness I was at. It is not better or worse to be at a higher or lower level of consciousness and I should not look down on people whom I think may have a lower consciousness or look up to people who have a higher consciousness level than me. Everyone is on his or her own journey and has their own understanding. It does not make sense to judge people for where they are at in their journey because eventually, everyone will reach the same place in the end.

I was seeing that the people here lived such a pure life. It was such a beautiful existence. They didn’t need much and that’s what made it beautiful. I really learned that true freedom really means that you do not need much. The quote “less is more” really resonated with me.

I could see the shamans icaros energy when they were singing. There singing was incredible and beautiful. I loved it when Christian was affirming things. It almost sounded like he was rapping. Isabella’s voice was absolutely beautiful. I was seeing their energy within me as patterns. It was really cool to see that. The patterns would change as their tone changed. The patterns were extremely detailed and intricate.

I remember seeing how important listening was and I was observing how I was actually listening. It was like my hearing was super enhanced. It felt as if the sounds my ears were hearing were not separate from me and it felt like the icaros the shamans were singing was a part of me.

I found myself questioning my belief systems and seeing what was true and what was false. It was like my thinking was changing. I was having a lot of thoughts that didn’t feel right because they were being corrected with a higher level of thinking.  It was very interesting and very up and down. This went on throughout the entire night. It was like the ayahuasca was teaching me or giving me more consciousness. I found myself thinking a lot throughout the night. My body wanted to rest but my mind was still very active. This kept me from sleeping and kept me thinking about things.

At some points during the experience, I felt as if I was sober but then I would all of a sudden be back in the realm of ayahuasca. The intense effects would usually come back when the shamans started singing the icaros. The ayahuasca also lasted a long time this ceremony. I was still feeling uneasy after the ceremony ended but I was okay to get up and go for a walk and talk to people. I was good until Ravi gave me an orange and this made me feel uneasy. I went to use the washroom and I felt really sick. I started purging a lot. It was a deep purge. I also had a lot of diarrhea and I felt that the ayahuasca helped move some stuff out of my bowels that were not serving me anymore.

Overall it was an absolutely incredible experience. I feel as if I have grown a lot since the last time I experienced ayahuasca two years ago. I feel as if this growth is what helped me be so welcoming to the medicine and is what allowed me to let it work inside me. I am so grateful that I was able to heal from the medicine.


Ceremony 2

My intention for this ceremony was wisdom and guidance in my life. I felt a little unsure of what my intention was going to be for this ceremony but about an hour before I decided that wisdom and guidance in my life was an important aspect of what I came here to find. There was a little bit of fear going into the ceremony but I just let go of it and allowed it to be how it was meant to be. Before the ceremony, a snake appeared in the maloka. Christian said he was feeling that there was an unwanted energy in the maloka so he was doing extra protection. This extra protection is what caused the snake to come out from where it was hiding which made it visible. They removed the snake and then the ceremony began.

I felt the shot go down. It had a very bitter taste but it felt like the right amount. For the beginning, I sat there in a meditative pose and waited for the medicine to come. I started to feel this intense energy radiate through my body. I was seeing these intense tribal patterns. The ayahuasca came to me in a different form than the previous night. There was a lot of red and green compared to my first ceremony which was a lot more blue, white and green. I felt the medicine surging through my body. It was really intense. I was really present of my body. I sat here for a while and let the medicine work. I was listening to the icaros and it was very beautiful. I am not sure how long the intense feeling in my body lasted but I started to feel really clear.

I remember thinking about whether I was taking the right path in life. I realized that the right path is something where I give love. If I give love it is something I should do and if I do not give love it is something I shouldn’t do. It was a very simple and powerful lesson. I realized that by all means I should not do things for money. This will lead me to a miserable life. I learned I needed to do things that bring out the love in me and the love in others.

I was questioning whether my projects and endeavors I was working on in my daily life was a good thing for me to be doing. I saw that as long as I did it with love it was okay. I saw that even though the world of business may have some negative and manipulative aspects to it, I didn’t have to participate in that part of it. In fact, if I did participate in that side, I would most likely be unsuccessful and unhappy.

I wanted to find a way of assessing things in the present moment rather than being limited to things that happened in the past and letting the past influence my decisions in the future. This is when my perception started to get extremely clear. I found this deep clarity within me and knew that this clarity was going to be with me to help me make decisions in the future. Clarity was the answer I was looking for to help me find the guidance I needed in my everyday life. This clarity felt extremely good.

I remember the icaros being extremely beautiful. Sarah started singing her icaros and it was so beautiful. Pure love was just emanating from her and it is just completely melted my heart. It was an incredible experience. My personal icaros with Isabella was absolutely fantastic as well. I felt her voice radiating through my body. I felt her healing the stomach problem that I was having for the past few days. It was incredible and I was so grateful to her.

I remember I was in the washroom and I looked at my hands. It looked like I was seeing my hands for the first time. It was absolutely incredible. I could really feel my hands and feel my body. I felt deeply grounded in my body. It was like a green energy was radiating from my body out through my hands and feet. It was the most amazing feeling. It felt like I was a new born baby exploring my body for the first time.

I remember thinking about what my intentions were going to be for my next ceremony. I knew that I need to listen to what was going on around me and within me properly. I found my thoughts dominating my experience too much and they were making me feel irritable and restless. I found that I needed to feel more instead of thinking too much. Every time I was trying to feel my breath, my thoughts crept in unconsciously and I was back to thinking about things again. I remember thinking about how my intellect was dominating my experience of life too much and the overuse of the intellect was not necessary. I found that the way to help me feel more was to be silent and listen. This is why I chose “Listening” to be my intention for my next ceremony.

I saw this vision of a tarantula come into my awareness. It was very odd and there was a spectrum of colors but somehow I knew it was a tarantula. I did not understand what this meant. (This was very weird because a day after this ceremony I saw massive tarantula in the washroom I was in. When I told the shaman this, he said that the tarantula was symbol that I had to integrate what I learned from Arkana into my everyday experience. He also said I was connected to some old wisdom.)

I also was feeling a lot of volatility in my body. This was happening to me near the end and after the ceremony. I was not sure why I was feeling this way and I think it was because my ego was trying to come back. It eventually settled down but I was still finding it very hard to sleep. I remember it started to get cold and after I put my sweater on I completely knocked out and all of a sudden it was morning.


Ceremony 3

I was feeling really good going into this ceremony after my 5-MeO-DMT experience which was just absolutely pure love. My intention for this ceremony was to listen. I felt as if during the previous nights I was getting too caught up in the chatter in my mind. This made it difficult for me to sleep, even though I was tired, and was taking me out of the present moment.  As the ceremony was getting closer to starting, I was getting more and more tired. At the beginning of the experience, I did not feel much. I was just really tired and I almost fell asleep. I thought this experience was going to be very mild and I was just going to chill out and sleep. I was very wrong. About halfway into the ceremony, I started feeling the effects more. It was hard to tell when exactly it was getting more and more intense because I kept drifting in and out of it. It was a very odd way the ayahuasca came to me. In my previous ceremonies, it would be a lot stronger in the beginning and then settle down as the ceremony continued. This time it was very mixed. It was a different vibe. I think this may have been due to my 5-MeO-DMT experience earlier on in the day.

I remember when the sound bowls were playing I was feeling very uneasy. I spent a lot of time in the washroom and had a lot of diarrhea. I was also dry heaving a lot. It was tough to go through and it took a while to get all the bad energy that was not serving me out of my body.

I remember the seeing this insect. It was very odd and I do not understand what it meant. It was like there was a type of formless energy and this insect was crawling around in it. It was very weird and I am not sure of what to make of it. I think it did have something to do with how my mind was working.

 The icaros was really beautiful. I remember Angel playing the ukulele and it was such an upbeat and joyous energy. That was a very memorable moment during my stay at Arkana. Rafael was singing a song and was chanting “Ayahuasca”. It made me really connect with the journey we were all going on. It was like Rafael was saying through his song that there are hard parts in life but they are okay because they lead to the most amazing things. It was a truly beautiful tune. It is something I will remember forever.


Ceremony 4

Wow! What an incredible ceremony. My intention for this ceremony was to have a good ceremony with lots of love. At the beginning of the ceremony, I was feeling tired. As the shamans were protecting the maloka, I was having difficulty keeping my eyes open. I took the same dose as I had every night. It felt right for me to do this. The ceremony started and I remember sitting up and feeling the effects come to me. It started with me thinking about the shirt I was wearing. I loved this shirt and I thought it looked really good on me. I got lots of compliments on it as well. I remember that I seconded guessed myself as I was choosing wear this shirt. I felt like there was some insecurity about wearing this shirt but in the end, I ended up wearing it.

As the ayahuasca was getting more and more intense I felt this strong presence wanted to me to take my shirt off. I didn’t want to do this but the more and more I ignored it and tried to focus on something else the more uncomfortable it was getting. It was very odd. I eventually complied, feeling a little embarrassed and took it off. Then immediately there a strong presence told me to take off my pants as well. I just did it and felt even more embarrassed. Then it was telling me I had to throw out all my clothes. I really didn’t want to do this. It told me I have to give them all up. I knew that I could have them back after but right now I had to give them up fully in a spiritual sense. I really did not want to do this. I was resisting a lot and it was a struggle for me, but eventually, I just gave up.

I remember having a vision of myself throwing out my suitcase. It was very difficult for me to get to this point and I was learning a lot about what it meant to give up something that was very close to me. I felt like this was a metaphor showing me how my attachments affect my life. These attachments were holding me back from living life to its fullest. They were putting limitations on me. They were creating negative feelings in me. It was extremely difficult to let these things go. But once I fully let go of my clothes, the ayahuasca was able to fully heal me. I remember feeling so protected. I saw these higher energies were always looking after me no matter what. I felt so much love and protection from the jungle. It was like I was a baby in a crib being nurtured by the spirits of the jungle. It made me feel very secure.

I remember thinking of the things I did in Thailand. The sex and alcohol put a lot of bad energy inside me. I was acting very unconsciously during this time and it definitely had an impact on me. I had a lot of bad energy stored in my body because of some of these experiences. Ayahuasca was cleaning me of this. I didn’t want to have sex mindlessly anymore and saw how this could only lead to more problems. I was so thankful for ayahuasca that she could clean me of this and I definitely needed the cleaning. I was so grateful to the Kambo ceremony I had in the morning before the ceremony because this definitely helped clean this bad energy out of me as well. My ignorance really frightened me. I am so thankful for ayahuasca for showing me this and cleaning me of this.

I saw that I had to get a tattoo on my chest and a tattoo on my back. The one on my chest was to be “Live in the Moment” across the left part of my chest. This was to represent my Sapo ceremony. It was to remind me of love and to remind me to ground myself in the present moment. It was the left part of the chest because this where my heart was and it would be clearly visible to remind me of what I learned. The main lesson I learned from my Sapo ceremony was that if I lived in the moment, my life would be full of love. My Sapo ceremony was so impactful and I felt the need to tattoo the lesson on my body. I also saw that I need to get the owl tattoo on my back that I have been hesitating to get. I saw what I need to get and I was going to work on drawing it. I saw I also needed the courage to carry it out. I was feeling insecure a little bit about what people would think but eventually, I let this go and knew that I was going to get it done.

I was feeling a lot of spiritual discomfort in my leg. This was happening throughout all my ceremonies and was happening to me last time at my ceremonies in Nihue Rao. I saw that the metal rod in my leg was causing me this. I felt I just had to accept it the way it was. If I could just accept my leg how it was, it would stop bothering me. I saw that whenever this spiritual discomfort feeling came up, it meant I needed to accept more. I knew I had to bring my acceptance of everything has happened and will happen deeper.

When I went up for my personal icaros near the end of the ceremony. I was a little embarrassed because I was still in my boxers. I remember that this was a lesson to be vulnerable. I saw how vulnerability was a good value to have in certain situations. I thought the shamans were going to laugh but never did. Isabella sang the most beautiful icaros and I could feel her blessings. I was trying to match my breath with hers to connect with her further. I was so grateful for her icaros and it was absolutely beautiful.

I was thinking about what Christian said to me earlier about old wisdom. When I told him about my vision of the fox from my last experience with ayahuasca at Nihue Roa and the vision of the tarantula, he told me that I was connected with some old wisdom. I saw this wisdom opening up to me. I remember thinking that I was not ready to understand this or I was too scared to see what this was so I didn’t want to go through this during this ceremony. This eventually faded and this wisdom opened up to me. It was some sort of higher consciousness with a lot of animal spirits. I didn’t really understand it much and felt like I was just scratching the surface. I saw that if I was to come back and do ayahuasca again that I would learn more about this knowledge. I also felt that I was very wise and that I should share this wisdom with people when the time was right. I also saw how I was going to grow into a wise person because when I got back home I was going to practice living a wiser life. I saw that I need to continue doing my yoga practices and include a meditation practice before I went to bed. I also needed to make sure I was taking proper action with little things because I knew the little things are what make the difference.

Overall this ceremony really connected the dots with all my other ceremonies and my whole experience at Arkana. I knew why I was going through what I was going through and everything connected really well. It was an absolutely incredible experience and ayahuasca has never come to me like that before. I remember I walked around the center in my boxer shorts in the morning. I felt really connected to the jungle and knew I was going to miss it. I knew I would be back at Arkana in the future because this place was so full of love and I am so thankful for the lessons I learned over the past week.


How Life changed

  Many things changed for me after my experience at Arkana. I really did feel as if I got what I needed out of this experience. I noticed I was more loving when I got back and I was less afraid to express my love for people. It was very odd because many things felt the same but there were tiny, subtle differences in my experience. I know that these subtle differences were going to add up over time to make a huge impact in the course of my life. The reason I know this is because if I look back two years ago after my last ayahuasca experience, so many things changed over that two years but I didn’t really grasp how much of an impact that experience had on me until I looked back and self-reflected on how I changed after.

I also felt as if I became more grounded in my body. I realized that in order to feel more, I need to be present in my body, because feeling does not happen in the brain, it happens throughout my entire body. I realized that if I just listened to my body, I would be more connected to my intuitive side. I felt a lot more clear when I came back. It was like a lot of the clutter from my mind was gone and I could see reality very clearly. I feel like I can listen to my heart much more clearly as well. I also feel really mellowed out and easy going. For those of you who know me, know that I am already a pretty easy going person and may be thinking how is it possible for me to be even more calm, but the calmness within me went deeper. I know that this calmness can still go deeper if I live the right lifestyle and work on growing it within me. I have also noticed that my spiritual practices take me way deeper. For example, when I do yoga or meditation I can really let go and let the practice take me deep into myself.

Overall I am so grateful that I was able to have this experience. I cannot thank the people who created and facilitate the retreat center enough. All though, my experience was rough at times and there were enormous difficulties I had to overcome, I was able to get so much out of it. All the struggles and tough moments are what made my experience so great in the end and are what taught me the lessons I needed to learn to move forward with my life. My time at Arkana was definitely one of the most profound experiences of my life and I know I will be back sometime in the future. It is funny because sometimes I think I know what I got out my experience at Arkana, but as I continue to live my day to day life, I learn that I got much more than I could ever imagine.

My Arkana family

My Arkana family

Learn from every Experience !


If you ever want to talk to me about your experiences with psychedelics and amazonian plant medicines or have any questions for me, feel free to send me a message through Instagram or Facebook.

Check out my book “Trip to the Infinite – The Ayahuasca Experience” available on to learn more about what ayahuasca is; how it affects your mind, body and soul; my detailed ceremony reports explaining what exactly happened to me during each of my ceremonies at Nihue Roa and the ways in which I transformed afterwards. I also included some ways to prepare if you are looking to have an ayahuasca experience of your own. 

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3 Tokens from my Ayahuasca Experience


My journey to Peru to drink Ayahuasca in the middle of the Amazon jungle was one of the most profound and meaningful experience of my life. It showed me things about my life and the way I was being in my life that were so subtle but had such a large impact in my day to day actions. My intentions for doing Ayahuasca were very clear. Before going to the jungle I was in a period of my life where I was exploring new things and defining what I wanted to get out of this life. I had some aspirations I set out for and was working hard to fulfill them. My main intention for journeying to the Amazon Rain forest was to see what was holding me back in my life and to learn things about myself that I had never knew about. There are so many aspects of my Ayahuasca experience that transformed me as a person and these experiences taught me many lessons about life. There were three tokens that I was left with after my ceremonies. By tokens, I am referring to physical objects that I have given a spiritual significance to that remind me of certain lessons and experiences that were directly related to my Ayahuasca ceremonies. 

1. A Warthog Tooth



The warthog tooth token resembles strength. I was shown that being a human being I possessed a lot of strength. This strength originated from within me and I could use every day. I saw that the more I used it the more it would grow.  It reminds me to stay strong when things start to get rough and to never give up, no matter what the situation is. It reminds me that I am a warrior and there is no difficulty in this world I cannot overcome if I am persistent and put my best effort into it. My Ayahuasca experience showed me that being lazy would not lead me to meaningful life. This meant not being lazy in my actions as well as in my thought.

2. Moonstone


The moonstone represents clarity. I realized that it was impossible to make sound decisions without a clear mind. It reminds me to focus on how I feel in certain situations and not to fall into the habit of reacting impulsively. When I say clarity, I am referring to seeing the world the way it is: for what it is for itself, not what it is for me. The more I let go of my personal drama, the more I can see the way the world is as it is and the clearer my mind becomes. As my mind gets clearer and clearer the more beautiful the world gets and my experience of life becomes greater and greater. A clear mind is difficult to maintain in our society because there are so many distractions and it is so easy for my mind to be filled with the most random stuff. This nonsense is around me all the time and it takes a conscious effort not let my mind get distracted by these things that serve no use to me. Whenever I look at my moonstone necklace I am always reminded of the lessons I learned during my Ayahuasca experience and reminds me to focus on the things that matter the most to me and to keep my mind as clear as possible.

3.  Ayahuasca Bark


My third token is Ayahuasca bark. It is a real piece of the Ayahuasca vine, the source of MOI inhibitors in the Ayahuasca brew. This represents heart. It reminds me to put my heart into everything I do. This includes the most important events in my life, all the way down to the very little things. I learned that no matter what the task, I should put all my energy into that one task, whether it is playing sports or if it something as simple as writing something down. I learned that putting my heart into something is a skill and to develop this skill I need to practice at it.  I learned that if I put a minimum effort into the little things I do, when it comes down to things that have significance in my life it will be hard to all of sudden muster up enough energy to put my heart into it. Over the years after my Ayahuasca experience I have been working on this habit of putting my heart into everything I do and whenever I look at the Ayahuasca bark it reminds me to do the best I possibly can in every moment.

These three tokens have helped guide me and have helped me stay focused on the things that truly matter in my life. These lessons may be simple and things everyone knows about but there is a very big difference between just knowing something and actually applying something. I have been working on embodying these lessons as the days go by and I have seen that the more I live out the lessons I have learned from my Ayahuasca experience the greater my ability to be effective in the things I do becomes and the greater my experience of life. 

Check out my book “Trip to the Infinite – The Ayahuasca Experience” available on to learn more about what ayahuasca is; how it affects your mind, body, and soul; my detailed ceremony reports explaining what exactly happened to me in the South American Jungle; and the ways in which I transformed afterwards. I also included some ways to prepare if you are looking to have an ayahuasca experience of your own. 

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Patiently Persist

Breaking Down the Psychedelic Experience


Anyone who has experience with psychedelic substances knows that every experience can be radically different from the next. They are like a mystery box: you don’t know what you’re going to get. This is why there is some sort of resistance or nervousness that arises when you are about to partake in an experience. These feelings come from the uncertainty of what is to come. It is natural for Humans to feel nervous or resist something when they don’t know what is going to happen. This also happens when you meet people you do not know for the first time or part take in an activity in which you do not know the outcome. Essentially, the psychedelic experience is just that, an experience, but opposed to our regular everyday experience where we have to face the world, instead, we have to face ourselves.

Psychedelics bring you into higher energy states and what happens in these states is tightly correlated with who you are as a person and your life experiences. It is a very subjective experience which is why if someone asks me what they will experience on a psychedelic there is no way I can answer them. 

 As I do more research on psychedelics and as I use these substances to help me in my life, I have realized that there are stages to the psychedelic experience. These stages are what I usually go through during any one of my trips. All though all my experiences and insights differ throughout all my psychedelic experiences, even if it is the same substance, I have noticed there is a general path in which the experience follows.

Stage 1

This is the build-up phase. After about 15 – 20 minutes there is a build-up of energy in your root. Your root is about a few centimeters below your belly button and a few centimeters into your body. There are many ancient scriptures that state that this is where the source of all your energy comes from. In my experience this area in my body is activated and energy starts to flow up from it to my head. I start to feel the energy very mildly. I start to feel a little nauseated and find it a hard to focus.

Stage 2

This is the uncomfortable phase. The build-up phase continues to get more intense and that energy keeps flowing up more and more.  My thoughts start to melt and my experience starts to get uncomfortable. Things start to look different and my experience of reality starts to shift from a stable one to an unstable one. I start to feel more nauseated and feel agitated, similar to the feeling you get when you want to get out of the situation you are in. I actually do not know what I am feeling at this point because it feels like I am feeling everything at once. My thoughts start to break down and I start to question my core fundamental beliefs. It is almost like my mind and my reality are being deconstructed. Most of the time this stage is very uncomfortable but sometimes it can be quite interesting.

Stage 3

This is the explosion phase. In order to get to this phase I have found I had to really give into that uncomfortable feeling in the previous stage and feel whatever that feeling was in its entirety. I have to really let go and just allow the experience to be. This stage is when something mystical happens. It is always hard to describe these moments because there is no vocabulary to describe them. Even if I used words to describe what I was feeling or what I was seeing, it wouldn’t make much sense and it would not fully describe what my experience was in its entirety. I even have a hard time remembering these mystical states because my mind is so accustomed to thinking a certain way and these experiences do not fit into that framework of thinking that is normal to me. It almost feels like a dream and I can only remember glimpses of it when it is all said and done. Most of the time these mystical experiences are the most profound and meaningful experiences I have ever had.

Stage 4

This stage is the settling down phase. This is where I start to slowly build back my framework of reality and my energy starts to settle down. This is the stage where I feel extremely good and I start to grasp many insights about my life. It is similar to the feeling of nourishment and I feel very light and clear. This is definitely the most enjoyable phase and it is a very pleasant experience. I am still in a state where I can grasp the profundity of the experience and streams of insights about my life flow to me. Eventually, I am back to my regular reality and I feel rejuvenated and mentally clear.

This is the framework of what I have experienced using psychedelics. As I said before, my experiences with psychedelics greatly differ from one another but this is the general path that they follow. This path may be different from what you have experienced because the psychedelic experience is a very subjective and personal one. I have found psychedelics if used properly, can be a way to break down the limitations of what you think you are and what you think you can do. If you do decide to partake in a psychedelic experience, do your research on how you can use them in a way to help them give you what you are looking for. Remeber, psychedelics are just tools. It is how you use the tool that counts. 

Check out my book “Trip to the Infinite – The Ayahuasca Experience” available on to learn more about what ayahuasca is; how it affects your mind, body, and soul; my detailed ceremony reports explaining what exactly happened to me in the South American Jungle; and the ways in which I transformed afterwards. I also included some ways to prepare if you are looking to have an ayahuasca experience of your own. 

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Psychedelics and their effect on the brain

What are psychedelic substances? The definition will vary from person to person but from my understanding and experience, I would define psychedelics as substances that have the ability to grow one's consciousness. Don’t take this the wrong way. I am not saying there is a magic substance that will automatically grow your consciousness no matter what. These substances can act like tools to facilitate the growth of one’s consciousness, just like a hammer can be used to nail wood into a board or it can be used to break something. A hammer is just a tool and it really comes down to the person who is using it to determine its true function. This directly applies to psychedelic substances. They are just a tool and it really comes down to the intention of the user and in what setting it is used in, but I would argue that the majority of people who have had experiences with these substances were not using them with the intention of growing their consciousness. They just use it as way to party or a way to escape, which is a way psychedelics can be used. 

So what are psychedelics exactly? The word psychedelic means “mind-manifesting.” Mind manifesting refers to the fact that it is not the substance creating the psychedelic experience, it is all you. The substance just shows you the way or directs you to a certain state of consciousness that you have blocked off or neglected to live normally. This is why psychedelics can be used as tools to grow one's consciousness. So what does it mean to grow your consciousness? This is a very broad and over used term but to me, it means to become more aware of what you actually are, what the world actually is and what is really happening within yourself.

From a scientific standpoint psychedelics directly affect the neuro-chemistry in the brain.  Recent research provides evidence that when a user is under the influence of a psychedelic substance (in this study it was LSD) the brain was making new connections in parts of the brain that were not used when the substance was not present in the body. When you are sober, the neural connection in your brain follow the same path and don’t move from that path much. As the psychedelic substance influences the user, the standard neural network expands and creates new connections all over the brain. This can be a little frightening because our minds are so vast and strange. Being open to these parts of your mind, that you never knew existed, can take you out of your comfort zone. If you look at the picture above you can get an idea of how much of your brain is being used when you’re not under the influence compared to when you are.  To me, this is an astonishing scientific discovery and completely aligns with what happens when I have experienced psychedelics substances. This is why I would argue that psychedelics can make a person more creative and allow a person to think outside the box because literally, you gain the ability to think outside you standard neural network.

Some examples of psychedelics substances are ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, DMT, ibogaine, peyote, and LSD. There are a lot more, but be careful. Some substances can exhibit psychedelic properties but I would argue they do not align with what the true definition of what a psychedelic compound is. For example substance such as marijuana, opiates, and ketamine. I am not saying these substances are bad, they definitely have their uses if used properly, but the chances are they won’t give you an experience that allows you to explore areas of the mind like a psychedelic would. If the substance has the potential for abuse or has addictive properties, I would not define them as psychedelics.

I think the true purpose of psychedelics is to give you a glimpse of what your mind is capable of. After you have awakened to new possibilities, it is your job to realize them into existence. There is low potential for abuse and has been seen to help with addiction, stress, anxiety, past trauma and much more. I do not think they are for everyone but I do think if used correctly can be an amazing tool to grow your consciousness and help solve the root cause of the problems that don’t seem to go away.

From my experience, ayahuasca has definitely had the most profound and transformative effects on my life compared to any other psychedelic. You can check out my book “Trip to the Infinite – The Ayahuasca Experience” available on to learn more about what ayahuasca is in particular; how it affects your mind, body, and soul; my detailed trip reports explaining what exactly happened to me during each of my ceremonies and the ways in which I transformed afterwards. I also included some ways to prepare if you are looking to have an ayahuasca experience of your own. 

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An Ancient Story of the Secret of Life


Over a thousand years ago, there once lived a man who lived in a small village just along the border of China and India. The man was a hard worker and was very successful in his trade. He was a very wealthy man but he was never happy. He was always in a bitter mood and did not smile often. He avoided the people in his village whenever possible and he would spend most of his time dug into his work.

One day the man was walking in a forest. The wind picked up and a dark cloud appeared over the forest. The man doubled backed and headed towards his home. Loud thunder and flashes of lightning illuminated the purple sky. All of a sudden, lightning struck the tree beside him and the tree came crashing down on his torso. He was trapped.


A few hours went by and the rain cleared up. A boy from the village saw the man trapped and screamed for help. The man told the boy that he was about to die and for him to listen closely to his words. The boy listened attentively and the man said “I have accumulated a lot of wealth in this world but I have been miserable my whole life. My final wish is for you not to live as I did and for you to find out how to live a happy life.” The boy in tears said, “Yes I will but where can I learn that.” The man said, “seek the wise one who lives on the mountain.” The man closed his eyes and took his last breath.

The boy frightened and inspired by the man’s words began his journey to find the wise one who lives on the mountain. The boy asked the village chancellor where this mountain was. The chancellor pointed to a large mountain in the distance. He trekked for 3 days and 3 nights until he reached the mountain. He could see a settlement about halfway up the mountain and started his hike towards it. The boy finally reached the settlement and could hear all these strange noises coming from it.

The boy approached the gates. The gates were covered in a shiny gold and the patterns were  engraved into the gold with utmost detail and perfection. He knocked on the gates and the gates began to open. A man dressed in the finest clothes appeared before him. The gate keeper said “who are you and what do you seek.” The boy said “I am from the small village southwest of here and I came to seek the wise one, to ask him how I can live a happy life.” The gate keeper smiled and said “you have come to the right place.” The gatekeeper said to the boy “follow the path ahead and you will find the wise man.


As the boy started to walk along the path he saw the most amazing things. The settlement was full of detailed sculptures, elaborate artwork, giant elephants with the most colorful rugs on them, tigers in giant silver cages and people walking around looking very happy. He finally got to the end of the path, where there was an ancient temple-like structure. The boy walked in a saw an old man sitting in the darkness.

The old man in a frail voice said “who is there and why are you here?” The boy replied “I am a boy from a small village just southwest of here and I have a question for you” The old man replied “what is your question?” The boy asked the old man “How can I live a happy life? I met a wealthy man who died in front of my eyes and his last wish was not for me not to live a miserable life like he did and find out how to live a happy life.

The old man laughed and said “If you want to live a happy life, just look at how I live. Go look at all the art I have collected, the exotic animals, the intricate sculptures and all the happy people who live here. Come back in one hour and tell me what you see” The boy turned around to leave the temple. “Wait” the old man exclaimed. “Take this spoon.” The boy took the spoon and the old man put an egg on the spoon. The old man said, “return with egg.

The boy looking even more confused left the temple to go explore. An hour passed and the boy returned to the temple where the old man sat. “What did you see?” the old man said. The boy full of joy and excitement said “I saw the most amazing things. I saw lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, diamonds, gold, art and so much more. All the people were so happy and friendly to me. I didn’t get to explore everything in just a single hour and I want to go see more.” The old man smiled and said, “where is the egg.” The boy was startled. He completely forgot about the egg. “I have no idea,” he said with an embarrassed voice. The old man said “I want you to go back and explore my settlement. This time focus your attention on the egg and bring it back to within the hour.” The old man put another egg on his spoon and sent him off.

An hour passed and the boy returned to the old man. The old man asked, “what did you see?” The boy said “I saw nothing. I was too busy focusing all my attention on the egg so I didn’t see anything or talk to anyone." The old man smiled again. He laughed and said, “the secret to living a happy life is to involve yourself in everything around you without dropping your egg.


Check out my book “Trip to the Infinite – The Ayahuasca Experience” available on to learn more about what ayahuasca is; how it affects your mind, body, and soul; my detailed ceremony reports explaining what exactly happened to me in the South American Jungle; and the ways in which I transformed afterwards. I also included some ways to prepare if you are looking to have an ayahuasca experience of your own. 

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10 Mind–Blowing Facts on Psychedelics


For me personally I find the field of psychedelics very interesting and intriguing. The more I delve into research on this topic, the more unbelievable things I find out about them. Below, I have listed the top ten facts about psychedelics I have come across in my years of research and study.

1.      As of 2010 study there were a total of 30 million lifetime psychedelics users in the United States [1]


This is amazing. I thought the psychedelic community was much smaller, but it is clear to see that there is enormous amount of people using psychedelics and the community is growing vastly. This stat is only for the US, imagine the amount of people around the globe.

2.      There has never been a recorded overdose on the majority of psychedelic especially drugs such as LSD and psilocybin Mushrooms [2]


This is not that shocking for anyone who has ever experienced psychedelics or has done research on them. What is shocking is that they are a schedule one substance in the US. Hmmmm. This doesn't make any sense.  

3.      People who use psychedelics naturally exhibit pro-environmental behaviors [3]


I definitely have noticed from experiences with psychedelics my connection with nature has grown much stronger. It is natural to be conscious of the environment when you become more connected with it.

4.      A 2013 study indicates evidence that psychedelics stimulates neurogenesis (the growth and development of nerve tissue) in the brain [4]

This is truly amazing. It shows how psychedelics can be used to help so many people who have lack of brain cells due to injury or disease. It also shows us how we can increase our brain power naturally with plants.

5.      Potent psychedelics such as LSD, psilocybin, mescaline etc. are proven to significantly enhance imagination, inspire novel thought, strengthen problem solving abilities, and improve creativity. [5] 


I have, without a doubt, experienced all these results from my psychedelic experiences. It is remarkable how just one experience can have an enormous impact.

6.      Psychedelics can induce mystical experiences. Neural response patterns and brain wave activity are very similar in people who are given psychedelics compared to those who are fasting, meditating or having other spiritual/religious experiences.  [6]


I can relate to this study as well. When I do meditation or yoga sometimes I feel slightly similar to how I would feel under the influence of a psychedelic. I have never had a full –blown mystical experience doing meditation or yoga but there are many stories in which people have reached mystical states and they greatly resemble that of the psychedelic experience.

7.      Over 25,000 people who have a history of drug use and were enrolled in the TASC (Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities programs) were studied from 2002 to 2007. Those who took psychedelics were less likely to violate the rules of TASC, less likely to fail to appear to court and less likely to be put into jail. [7] 


This is unreal. This fact just goes to show how psychedelics are not like other drugs like meth, cocaine and heroin and have very positive impacts on people’s lives.

8.      NASA intoxicated spiders with a variety of drugs to see the effect on the spider’s web creation. All of them decreased the spider’s ability to create an effective web except for small doses of LSD which actually increased it. [8]


I am not surprised. I have seen what psychedelics can do to humans, why would it be any different for animals? I guess those Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are on to something with micro-dosing. 

9.      It is possible that the stories of Moses and the burning bush in the bible relate to the burning of the Acacia tree (which contains high volumes of DMT) which was responsible for Moses’s divine experiences. Many of Moses’s episodes are very similar to an ayahuasca or other psychedelic experiences [9]


This is any interesting theory and would explain a lot of things if it was true. If you do research on the historic use of psychedelics, the majority of the major religions were founded on the basis of using psychedelics in a spiritual setting.

10.   According to the Pharmaceutical Journal Many animals purposely consume psychedelic fungi in order to amuse themselves during winter. This may be where the myth of flying reindeer comes from! [10]


Hilarious! All I want to do is laugh when I read this one. I guess the animals are smarter than we think!

I hope you are as amazed and mind-blown as I am! If you do more of your own research and study into psychedelics you will find some amazing things about the historic uses of them, there origination, there healing power and the potential benefit they can have.

Check out my book “Trip to the Infinite – The Ayahuasca Experience” available on to learn more about what ayahuasca is; how it affects your mind, body, and soul; my detailed ceremony reports explaining what exactly happened to me in the South American Jungle; and the ways in which I transformed afterwards. I also included some ways to prepare if you are looking to have an ayahuasca experience of your own. 

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Expand Your Mind


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Psychedelics for Growth


Psychedelics are powerful tools for self-growth and transformation if used properly. From my experience with psychedelics, I have learned something new about myself and the world I live in every time I trip. If we look at a broad view of our lives in terms of personal growth we cannot remain stagnate. We are either growing or we are dying. Psychedelics can accelerate this growth when used in the proper set and setting and used at the right time.

But how is it possible that after taking some substance that there can be a shift in your perception and you are able to grow more as a person? To answer this question we need to look at what it takes to grow yourself as a person. It is very simple actually. In order for us to grow, there must be some sort of adversity we must overcome. When you were a kid I am sure the first day of school must have been challenging. This is the first time you would have to be without your parents for the whole day and hang out with people you have never met before. The reason this situation brought about adversity is because you have never experienced something like it before and you really had no clue what to expect. You were forced to think on your feet. You are exploring something you have never explored before and this teaches you new things about yourself and about the world.

As we move forward in our lives, the majority of us stop growing, at least not as fast as we did when we were kids. We get set in our daily routines and get stuck in our comfort zone. The comfort zone is nice but it is not fulfilling. Staying in comfort will never allow anyone to be more than they are today. That being said, being in a crisis every day does not help either. It is best to have balance. A life where you are pushing your limits every day but you still live somewhat comfortably. My favorite example of someone who has never stopped growing as a person is Elon Musk. He is continually solving problem after problem and he is growing so much that there are few things which he cannot solve. He has truly become bigger than the problems in the world. People who have grown themselves to certain point have a strong ability to use their past experiences to help them with their future experiences.  They know themselves enough to know how they respond to situations and know how to deal with them in a variety of circumstances, which makes them great problem solvers. They are developed human beings. This is essentially what growth is. It is getting out of your comfort zone and exposing yourself to different experiences pushing you to learn about yourself and about the world.

So how does this all relate back to psychedelics? If we look at our brain patterns it is clear to see that we only activate a small neural network in our daily lives. Most of us just run the same pattern over and over again without much change. Our thinking becomes rigid and one-way. When we were kids we were not like this. We were very creative and could think outside the box because we had access to all areas of our mind. When we get older we shut off these connections to these parts of our mind and we get stuck in routine thinking. The picture below compares neural interconnectivity in a normal brain state and a psychedelic brain state using modern nero-imaging.

It is very clear to see that the brain is a lot more active when in a psychedelic state. The reason is because psychedelics allow your brain to access parts of your brain that are normally not used or parts you do not have access to. This is why psychedelics can be uncomfortable. It will take you out of your regular routine way of thinking and put you into a deeper, insightful way of thinking. This can be very uncomfortable because your reality can be distorted. It can also be very wonderful and fulfilling, similar to travelling to a new place. What I have learned is that when your reality or experience of life changes, it is the best way to learn about what reality actually is and what life is. If everything in life was the same all the time we could not experience it. The only way we experience things is because we can notice it. This is what psychedelics can help you do. Notice how you are acting in life and view it from a different perspective. This in my opinion is true growth. Once you learn more and more about yourself as a person, you become a bigger person and are able to have a greater experience of life. 

Psychedelics are just one way to grow as a person out of millions. I think a good question to think about is what you truly want in your life because the crazy thing is you can have it. It doesn’t matter how absurd or out-there it may seem. If you are willing to work hard and grow into the person that is able to live the life you want to live, nothing can stop you.

Check out my book “Trip to the Infinite – The Ayahuasca Experience” available on to learn more about what ayahuasca is; how it affects your mind, body, and soul; my detailed ceremony reports explaining what exactly happened to me in the South American Jungle; and the ways in which I transformed afterwards. I also included some ways to prepare if you are looking to have an ayahuasca experience of your own. 

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Growth is a Step Towards Transformation

Are Psychedelics Bad?


There is a stigma in our society today: Drugs are Bad and it is put into our heads at a very early age that we should stay away from them. There is definitely truth in this unconscious belief that the majority of us possess. That being said, I find the way our society classifies “drugs” is completely incorrect and downright absurd. True psychedelics should not be under the same category as heroin, cocaine or meth. It really does not make any sense to classify these substance together because in reality they are polar opposites. While drugs like heroin, cocaine and meth are very addictive and have the potential to destroy your body and mind, psychedelics actually possess strong anti-addictive effects and are used for healing in many cultures in the past and around the world today. It is very rare that you will find someone who is addicted to psychedelics. There are virtually no deaths due to psychedelics apart from some freak accidents that have occurred, but freak accidents can happen when taking a shower or mowing the lawn. Then the question arises why they are a schedule one substance in the United States if they don’t kill people, people don’t get addicted to them and there are mountains of scientific studies proving the beneficial effects of them. Hmmmm….. Maybe I will write about this in a future piece.

Let’s take a deeper look at what a substance has to have to qualify as a drug. Oxford defines a drug as “A medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.” So essentially a drug is any substance that has a mind altering or body altering effect. Let’s take it even further to see why these substance even affect us in the first place. In order for a substance to affect our minds it must affect certain neurotransmitters in the brain. There are seven main neurotransmitters which include dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, serotonin, scetylcholine, GABA, glutamate and endorphins. Essentially any substance that can alter these chemicals in the body is called a drug.   

The chart below list the seven main neurotransmitter, what they do and what substances affect them

What is very interesting to note is that your body is like a chemical factory. It is able to produce a wide array of chemicals that affect these neurotransmitters depending on the situation you are in. Majority of the chemicals produced naturally in the body are much more effective at preforming the desired function compared to using an external substance. For example if you cut your finger off, your body will produce pain killer’s way stronger and more effective, with no downside, than anything you can externally input into your body.

Going back to psychedelics, your body is able to naturally produce them. Chemicals such as DMT is naturally produced in the body. DMT is the active psychedelic component in Ayahuasca and it is very similar in chemical structure to psilocin, which is the active psychedelic component in Mushrooms. Check out my blog post Ayahuasca VS Mushrooms. A serious questions arises. Why are substance that we naturally produce in our body illegal? It doesn’t make any sense. HMMMMM ……

Psychedelics mostly affect the serotonin receptors in the brain. They are proven to actually correct the imbalances in the serotonin network. Anti – Depressants work on the serotonin receptors as well but the thing with anti – depressants is you have to keep using them in order to maintain the balance. They also can have severe side effects. In modern pharmacology the main goal for anti - depressants is to bring balance to the serotonin receptors. Psychedelics are able to bring balance to the receptors after one or a few trips and has been very effective to treat many diseases. In fact, the founder of AA used LSD along with the other steps of AA to treat alcoholism before LSD became illegal.

Psychedelics do not distort the balance of the neurotransmitters listed above like drugs such as cocaine, heroin or meth but they actually do the opposite and bring them back to balance if used responsibly.  If you compare psychedelics to legal stimulants that our society consumes everyday it can be seen that psychedelics are harmless. They are less toxic than coffee. This is a perspective of psychedelics on a scientific level. But there is much more going on when the spiritual and energetic perspectives are explored.

There have been a lot off studies done on the effects of psychedelic on people. It is clear to see that psychedelics help with addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD and a multitude more of ailments. From my experience I can see they do more than just that.  They allow me to think of things in way I would have never thought of before, they help grow my awareness, they allow me to connect with my body, they open up my perception of life and so much more. For more on psychedelics effect on the brain click here.

So are psychedelics bad? I think anything can be good or bad and the reality is that nothing is good and nothing is bad. Good and bad are just concepts created through language to simplify an aspect of reality. I do not think any drug is bad. Every drug has its purpose but too much of anything will cause a major imbalance. I think a better question to ask is if psychedelics will help you in your life. From all the research and experience I have with psychedelics, I can confidently say that if you are a person who wants to grow more in your life, who wants clarity and understanding, who wants to broaden their perception, who wants to learn about themselves, who wants to give up addictions and just someone who wants more from life, psychedelics can work for you. On the flip side if you’re not that kind of person they can be a bad thing.

You can check out my book “Trip to the Infinite – The Ayahuasca Experience” available on to learn more about what ayahuasca is; how it affects your mind, body, and soul; my detailed ceremony reports explaining what exactly happened to me in the South American Jungle; and the ways in which I transformed afterwards. I also included some ways to prepare if you are looking to have an ayahuasca experience of your own. 

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Learn Something New Everyday.

Top 5 Ways Ayahuasca Transformed my Life.


My ayahuasca experience was one of the most transformational experiences of my life. I went to Peru last year and did a total of 5 ceremonies.  I did change in so many ways, some I am probably not even conscious of. I learned so much about myself and I learned that I lived in a bubble. Ayahuasca was like the pin that burst my bubble and I saw things I could never even imagine. Below are the top five ways in which I changed because of my Ayahuasca experience.


1. Openness

I thought I was a pretty open person before going into my Ayahuasca experience but deep down I was very set in my ways. There was a level of openness that I could not know of, if there wasn’t some sort of experience that could expose me to it. I think a lot of us are like this because we do not know anything besides what we learn from our immediate environment, our family and the society we live in. If you think about it how could we know anything else? It is like asking a fish to figure out it is living in a fish tank. The only way to do that would be to take the fish out of the fish tank so it could see it from the outside. This is what happened to me. I was taken out of my belief systems and I was able to view my life in an unbiased way. This really opened me up to different ways of living and being. It really showed me I can live whatever kind of life I wanted to.

2. Peace

There were some instances in my ceremonies that I had overwhelming and intense feelings. It was like I was stuck in a loop. This was not the greatest feeling and it was very tough to bear. After these feelings started to phase out, I got a deep sense of inner peace. I had the feeling that I was really okay with where I was in my life, what I was doing, who my friends were and essentially really at peace with myself. When I was in the Amazon, I was really connected with nature and at peace with the way everything was. This peace is still within me and is growing more and more.

3. Wisdom

I gained a great deal of insight on my life and how I was living. I did not have any experiences of going deep into my childhood but I did have many experiences of early teen years. I gained wisdom from these times in my life and was able to view them from a different perspective, which ultimately changed what they meant to me and how they impacted my life. The one major insight that I still follow till this day is to focus on myself and not to let all the noise of things going on around me affect me. This does not mean to ignore everything going on around me. It just means to pay more attention to what is going on inside of me and not letting external things have an impact on the way I think and behave.

4. Health

In my first two ceremonies, I threw up a lot. I didn’t realize how much crap was inside my body until I looked into my puke bucket after my ceremony. After my experience, I felt very light. Almost like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I think this was because of physically purging out the toxins in my body and because of letting go of the psychological baggage I was carrying around with me. After my experience, I felt my body working in new ways and overall everything I did was very efficient, including the way I walked. I also became more conscious of what I was putting into my body. Before Ayahuasca, I was putting a lot of things in my body that was not serving me. I have since significantly cut down on these poor eating habits and pay a lot more attention to what I am putting into my body.

5. Discovery

I found after my Ayahuasca experience I discovered more of who and what I was. My Ayahuasca experience was a journey to the depths of my soul and I discovered so much about myself and this world we live in. I was not able to remember all of what happened during my ceremonies but the pieces I was able to bring back still give me chills thinking about them today. These are things I discovered on an experiential level and is hard to put in words. I discovered things about myself that I never knew and my perception opened up because of it.


This is just a brief overview of the transformation that resulted after my Ayahuasca experience. I am more aware in my day to day life and really enjoy being this way. I continue to further increase my awareness and my Ayahausca experience definitely accelerated me in growing into a great human being.

You can check out my book “Trip to the Infinite – The Ayahuasca Experience” available on to learn more about what ayahuasca is; how it affects your mind, body, and soul; my detailed ceremony reports explaining what exactly happened to me in the South American Jungle; and the ways in which I transformed afterwards. I also included some ways to prepare if you are looking to have an ayahuasca experience of your own. 

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Transform yourself.