Artist with Pineal Gland Cancer

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Shawn Thornton developed an extremely rare cancer in his pineal gland while he was at Art school. This changed his art completely. From the picture above you can see that his paintings are very mystical and resemble that of certain drawings individuals’ paint of their psychedelic visions. I find this correlation very interesting and it points to stronger evidence that the pineal gland is able to produce chemicals naturally, which can induce visions or psychedelic episodes such as DMT.

The pineal gland is known in the mystical sciences as the third eye. They call it the third eye because it allows you to see things that are not apparent to the average person. For example being able to see people’s energies and also seeing other dimensions of life. From the perspective of modern day science, the only function of the pineal gland is to regulate light-dark cycles in the body and produces the chemical melatonin which helps you sleep. Melatonin is very similar in chemical structure to DMT which indicates that it is very plausible that the pineal gland is able to produce DMT.

This would explain Shawn Thornton’s radical shift in his artwork. His art is truly remarkable and it does remind me of some of the visions I had when I drank Ayahuasca in Peru. Since his pineal gland had cancer it is possible that there was too much DMT being released into his brain. His cancer is gone now but Shawn says that it was extremely difficult to deal with when his symptoms were at the peak. He describes his condition below.  

“Looking back, I began experiencing symptoms of a brain tumor around the time I started attending art school in my late teens. My formal training, where I was learning the basics of painting, art history, theory, etc. was also being informed from within by a maniacal impulse to paint, often to the point to where I'd work myself into a frenzy, and I'd begin to experience a cacophony or intense, lucid visions. It got so bad that at one point during the winter of my senior year in college I didn't sleep for two whole weeks. The tumor that was finally discovered in my pineal nearly seven years later, was made up of primal germ cells left over from birth that migrated up to the pineal region of the brain, later causing my tumor to least that is the science behind it. So in this cause we know the egg came before the chicken that I didn't cause the tumor to grow by not sleeping and being generally obsessed and unhealthy during my formative years, nor by being overexposed to toxic chemicals that artists often come into contact with.”


He also said that he did have very vivid hallucinations when he meditated.

“I did a 10 day silent Vipassana meditation course last fall and I experienced a lot of powerful hallucinations and/or visions. And you've got to understand that stuff is not part of the program, especially when practicing this particular style of meditation. You're to remain with the breath with complete focus on the body ( in this practice you do scans of the body).”


I find all these facts very intriguing. Over the years science was able to learn new things from the body from treating illnesses and discovering how these illnesses affected the body in specific ways. I think in Shawn’s case we can definitely learn about the pineal gland and its true function. Just from looking at Shawn’s symptoms it can be seen that it is highly probable that the pineal gland aligns more as being a “third eye” rather than being a dormant organ which is the common perception in the scientific community and in today’s society.

Shawn describes how he feels now that the tumor is gone and how it has changed him

“I believe that because I suffered from the terrible effects caused by the tumor for so long that it really changed the way I perceive and how I create. Basically, I think that information was etched upon my brain and it continues to manifest in my work, even today, though it's been 8yrs since I was treated”

So will we ever have solid direct evidence that the pineal gland produces DMT? Maybe not because the experiments required to do so are extreme and impractical. From the facts, what I can say is that the pineal gland is not just a dormant organ and most likely has a greater impact on our lives than we think.

Leave your comments below on what you think the function of the Pineal gland actual is.


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