Top 5 Ways Ayahuasca Transformed my Life.


My ayahuasca experience was one of the most transformational experiences of my life. I went to Peru last year and did a total of 5 ceremonies.  I did change in so many ways, some I am probably not even conscious of. I learned so much about myself and I learned that I lived in a bubble. Ayahuasca was like the pin that burst my bubble and I saw things I could never even imagine. Below are the top five ways in which I changed because of my Ayahuasca experience.


1. Openness

I thought I was a pretty open person before going into my Ayahuasca experience but deep down I was very set in my ways. There was a level of openness that I could not know of, if there wasn’t some sort of experience that could expose me to it. I think a lot of us are like this because we do not know anything besides what we learn from our immediate environment, our family and the society we live in. If you think about it how could we know anything else? It is like asking a fish to figure out it is living in a fish tank. The only way to do that would be to take the fish out of the fish tank so it could see it from the outside. This is what happened to me. I was taken out of my belief systems and I was able to view my life in an unbiased way. This really opened me up to different ways of living and being. It really showed me I can live whatever kind of life I wanted to.

2. Peace

There were some instances in my ceremonies that I had overwhelming and intense feelings. It was like I was stuck in a loop. This was not the greatest feeling and it was very tough to bear. After these feelings started to phase out, I got a deep sense of inner peace. I had the feeling that I was really okay with where I was in my life, what I was doing, who my friends were and essentially really at peace with myself. When I was in the Amazon, I was really connected with nature and at peace with the way everything was. This peace is still within me and is growing more and more.

3. Wisdom

I gained a great deal of insight on my life and how I was living. I did not have any experiences of going deep into my childhood but I did have many experiences of early teen years. I gained wisdom from these times in my life and was able to view them from a different perspective, which ultimately changed what they meant to me and how they impacted my life. The one major insight that I still follow till this day is to focus on myself and not to let all the noise of things going on around me affect me. This does not mean to ignore everything going on around me. It just means to pay more attention to what is going on inside of me and not letting external things have an impact on the way I think and behave.

4. Health

In my first two ceremonies, I threw up a lot. I didn’t realize how much crap was inside my body until I looked into my puke bucket after my ceremony. After my experience, I felt very light. Almost like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I think this was because of physically purging out the toxins in my body and because of letting go of the psychological baggage I was carrying around with me. After my experience, I felt my body working in new ways and overall everything I did was very efficient, including the way I walked. I also became more conscious of what I was putting into my body. Before Ayahuasca, I was putting a lot of things in my body that was not serving me. I have since significantly cut down on these poor eating habits and pay a lot more attention to what I am putting into my body.

5. Discovery

I found after my Ayahuasca experience I discovered more of who and what I was. My Ayahuasca experience was a journey to the depths of my soul and I discovered so much about myself and this world we live in. I was not able to remember all of what happened during my ceremonies but the pieces I was able to bring back still give me chills thinking about them today. These are things I discovered on an experiential level and is hard to put in words. I discovered things about myself that I never knew and my perception opened up because of it.


This is just a brief overview of the transformation that resulted after my Ayahuasca experience. I am more aware in my day to day life and really enjoy being this way. I continue to further increase my awareness and my Ayahausca experience definitely accelerated me in growing into a great human being.

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