What is Art?

Oxford defines art as The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. This definition is valid in my opinion but I am going to take it one step further.

The picture above shows a painting that set a new auction record in the 20th century. It sold for a total of $110.5 million to a Japanese 41-year-old e-commerce billionaire entrepreneur, Yusaku Maezawa. The painting was created by Michel Basquiat, who unfortunately died at the early age of 27 due to an overdose. Maezawa stated:  “When I saw this painting, I was struck with so much excitement and gratitude for my love of art.” You may be thinking who in their right mind would ever buy a painting for a million dollars, never mind 110 million dollars. In this case, and I would argue in all cases, when it comes to judging art the quote “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” really applies.

The way I see it, art is everything. Literally, anything can be art. How this art affects people is different for everyone and what stands out as art also varies from person to person. Art doesn’t only have to be a painting or a sculpture. Art can be a scenery portrayed in a specific way, words written in a manner that creates inspiration, an act a person may take on to induce a certain emotion in another and essentially any form of expression from a human being.

I am not saying you can just pick up some garbage toss it together and call it art. It takes more than that. What I am saying is that an artist will see something beautiful and inspiring in the world, combine those aspect of the world with his/hers past experiences or imagination and portray or elaborate that thing in the world in a unique and creative way. This is the true essence of art. So it does take something to be an artist but I would argue that everyone is an artist in their own way, whatever form of art you produce. What separates humans from the rest of the animals is that humans have the ability to create and it is in our nature to use this power to create art. 

Then the question arises what separates good art from bad art. It is definitely not the thing the art is portraying. It comes down to how the art is portrayed and how much emotion can be induced in the person interacting with it. This will vary from person to person because in order to induce intense emotion into someone it has to relate to them in some way, shape, or form. We all have different stories and experiences in life so the emotion is trigged differently in everyone. It also comes down to recognizing the artist’s ability to portray a particular aspect of the world. In order to recognize it you would have to be involved in that type of art or at least have some experience with it on some level.

Art is something that you cannot force. It must come up naturally. You must be inspired to create something and you can’t just create something for a hidden motive. To create a true master piece you must create art for the sake of creating art. You have to express yourself in the most authentic way because art comes down to you as an individual. Every human is unique in their own way and because of this everyone will have a different way to express themselves as an individual. I feel as if the more authentic you are with your art and the more emotion it induces in yourself, the greater affect it will have on other people, and the greater the piece of art.

Art is something that will never stop. There are an unlimited amount of things that a person can create and I would say that it would be impossible to create even a little piece of all the potential you have to create as a human being.  This is just my take on art and I think because art can relate to so many things everyone sees art in a different way. Go out there, get inspired and create something worth creating.

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