10 Mind–Blowing Facts on Psychedelics


For me personally I find the field of psychedelics very interesting and intriguing. The more I delve into research on this topic, the more unbelievable things I find out about them. Below, I have listed the top ten facts about psychedelics I have come across in my years of research and study.

1.      As of 2010 study there were a total of 30 million lifetime psychedelics users in the United States [1]


This is amazing. I thought the psychedelic community was much smaller, but it is clear to see that there is enormous amount of people using psychedelics and the community is growing vastly. This stat is only for the US, imagine the amount of people around the globe.

2.      There has never been a recorded overdose on the majority of psychedelic especially drugs such as LSD and psilocybin Mushrooms [2]


This is not that shocking for anyone who has ever experienced psychedelics or has done research on them. What is shocking is that they are a schedule one substance in the US. Hmmmm. This doesn't make any sense.  

3.      People who use psychedelics naturally exhibit pro-environmental behaviors [3]


I definitely have noticed from experiences with psychedelics my connection with nature has grown much stronger. It is natural to be conscious of the environment when you become more connected with it.

4.      A 2013 study indicates evidence that psychedelics stimulates neurogenesis (the growth and development of nerve tissue) in the brain [4]

This is truly amazing. It shows how psychedelics can be used to help so many people who have lack of brain cells due to injury or disease. It also shows us how we can increase our brain power naturally with plants.

5.      Potent psychedelics such as LSD, psilocybin, mescaline etc. are proven to significantly enhance imagination, inspire novel thought, strengthen problem solving abilities, and improve creativity. [5] 


I have, without a doubt, experienced all these results from my psychedelic experiences. It is remarkable how just one experience can have an enormous impact.

6.      Psychedelics can induce mystical experiences. Neural response patterns and brain wave activity are very similar in people who are given psychedelics compared to those who are fasting, meditating or having other spiritual/religious experiences.  [6]


I can relate to this study as well. When I do meditation or yoga sometimes I feel slightly similar to how I would feel under the influence of a psychedelic. I have never had a full –blown mystical experience doing meditation or yoga but there are many stories in which people have reached mystical states and they greatly resemble that of the psychedelic experience.

7.      Over 25,000 people who have a history of drug use and were enrolled in the TASC (Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities programs) were studied from 2002 to 2007. Those who took psychedelics were less likely to violate the rules of TASC, less likely to fail to appear to court and less likely to be put into jail. [7] 


This is unreal. This fact just goes to show how psychedelics are not like other drugs like meth, cocaine and heroin and have very positive impacts on people’s lives.

8.      NASA intoxicated spiders with a variety of drugs to see the effect on the spider’s web creation. All of them decreased the spider’s ability to create an effective web except for small doses of LSD which actually increased it. [8]


I am not surprised. I have seen what psychedelics can do to humans, why would it be any different for animals? I guess those Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are on to something with micro-dosing. 

9.      It is possible that the stories of Moses and the burning bush in the bible relate to the burning of the Acacia tree (which contains high volumes of DMT) which was responsible for Moses’s divine experiences. Many of Moses’s episodes are very similar to an ayahuasca or other psychedelic experiences [9]


This is any interesting theory and would explain a lot of things if it was true. If you do research on the historic use of psychedelics, the majority of the major religions were founded on the basis of using psychedelics in a spiritual setting.

10.   According to the Pharmaceutical Journal Many animals purposely consume psychedelic fungi in order to amuse themselves during winter. This may be where the myth of flying reindeer comes from! [10]


Hilarious! All I want to do is laugh when I read this one. I guess the animals are smarter than we think!

I hope you are as amazed and mind-blown as I am! If you do more of your own research and study into psychedelics you will find some amazing things about the historic uses of them, there origination, there healing power and the potential benefit they can have.

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