Why is it important to dream big?


Let me ask you something. Why are you here on this planet? If you say you’re here just to get by or live an average life, I would say you don’t really understand what you are. The way I see it, we being humans, have so much potential that it would be impossible to use it all up in one lifetime. There are just too many things we as humans are capable of. Being human is a remarkable thing and when we have a clear mind and body I strongly believe anything is possible.

So what stops us and why do the majority of us strive to live an average life? I think it goes back to early childhood. When you are a child, you truly believe you can do anything. That’s why if someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up when you were six years old, you would say anything that your heart desires, no matter how absurd or unrealistic it may sound to the average adult. This is because when we were kids, impossible didn’t exist, so there was no second guessing what we really desired. For me in particular, I wanted to be a NASCAR racer. I am not currently a NASCAR racer, but the point is when we were kids we were complete optimists.

So when did we become pessimists? I think the answer comes down to the fulfillment of our desires in life. Some time in our early childhood we most likely desired to do something, or to be something and it never happened.  If this happened multiple times in our childhood, which most likely it did, our minds would be trained to think the things we desire don’t come true. Now when we are all grown up, all we want to do is be average. Because of the fact that we are so unwilling to fail and scared that our desires won’t be met, we set easy, obtainable goals out for ourselves so our desires do get met. This is why we strive to be average and I don’t blame the majority of people because it was ingrained into our minds when we were young. Now that we are older when we say we want to become a professional athlete, or start a million dollar company, or become a singer, people will laugh at us and eventually we talk ourselves out of setting out for those desires and stay average.  

I think it is very necessary to have our desires not come true when were children because that is how we understand the world we live in. We just have to learn not to let this affect us. We need to find that balance of being a pessimist and an optimist. Too much pessimism will lead us to play small and too much optimism will lead us to be unrealistic. We need to constantly search deep within ourselves to find what we truly want in our lives and seek nothing but that, because really what else could you want. Anything you strive for that is not what you truly want is playing small. I encourage you to play big. Go take a risk and go see that it really is not that bad to fail at something.

I think a lot of people are scared of this word called “failure.” From what I have experienced it really is impossible to fail. Failure is just a process to success. It comes down to you to decide whether you failed or not. I am not saying that once you start something there won’t be any roadblocks or mishaps.  What I am saying is that one thing leads to the next and slowly you start to carve out the path that you need to take to achieve your highest desires in life, which is most likely not what you expected it to be when you started. You just have to keep going and keep hustling until you are living the life you really want to live. For example, if you fail your math exam, it really isn’t the end of the world and you don’t have to drop out of school. You can take it again. Even if you do decide that math isn’t for you and take another pursuit, I would not call this a failure. I would say this is finding your path. The only way I would define this as a failure is if you stopped the pursuit all together and started to play smaller in life.

There have been so many examples of great human beings in this world, who have achieved what the average man would say is impossible. If they can do it, I am sure you can do it. Not to say that you must live exactly as they lived and do exactly what they did but to strive to achieve your deepest desires and don’t stop going after it just like they did. We are all not Elon Musk, but if he is capable of chasing and achieving his dreams, so are we. Our dreams just might be a little different. We all have different talents and things that come naturally to us. Don’t play small and hide your unique talents from the world.  Dream big and don’t settle for anything else. 

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