Can Ayahuasca cure Cancer?


This is a very good question. There are numerous stories out there of people using ayahuasca to treat a variety of illnesses, including cancer, and are able to receive miraculous healing results from ayahuasca. To answer this question more effectively we need to deepen our understanding of what cancer is. Cancer is essentially when a cell grows uncontrollably to an extent that it harms the body. Why does cancer arise? Is it a genetic thing? Is due to what you consume? Is it just random? From the research I have done, I can see that cancer is in fact caused by the environment you are in and the habits you possess.

Check out this interview. In this interview, Dr. Bruce Lipton goes into detail about why cancer cells arise in the body where he states he has scientifically proven that it is not a because of genes or heredity, it is because of the way you live. He goes further to explain that the majority of the habits we have are developed from ages 0 to 7 and these habits are learned from our parents and relatives. Since we possess many of the same habits as our parents, if our parents get a terminal illness like cancer than that makes us prone to cancer as well. Not because of genes but because we live, eat, breathe and act in the same way they do. Cancer is not a genetic disorder. It is a habitual disorder. We are doing some things unconsciously that is creating the cancer. Some examples include eating poor quality foods, not getting enough exercise, putting too much stress on the body, and behaving in negative ways, just to name a few.

If you look at the patient studies of people who have cancer you will find a very interesting correlation. People who live unhealthily are more prone to having cancer and people who radically shift the way they live have a higher percentage of overcoming cancer. People who do not change their lives in any way may get rid of their cancer for some time but it inevitably comes back. It is the same things as if someone has a heart attack and the doctor performs an angioplasty on the patient to clear up the clogged artery but the patient continues to eat unhealthily and inevitably ends up back in the hospital with another heart attack. There has to be a lifestyle change. The problem is not the clogged artery. The problem is the lifestyle you are living that creates the clogged artery. This is exactly the same for cancer. It is not the cancer that is the problem. It is your sub-conscious habits creating the cancer which is the problem. I know this may seem a little radical but it is human nature to find something to blame rather than to take responsibility for it.

There is a very inspiring doctor, named Dr. Grundy, who quit his job as a heart surgeon because he saw that the patients he performed surgery on would just keep coming back to him and he wasn’t really fixing the problem. He was only providing a patch but the root of the problem was never solved because his patient's mindset's never changed so they behaved in the same way which inevitably led to the same heart problems. He quit as a heart surgeon, after thousands of surgeries, and started promoting healthy eating instead. The research he has studied states that people with heart issues that changed their diet saw that their heart issues completely went away. No medication just healthy eating, which I find contradicts what the standard belief of today’s society is. The belief that we need medication to fix our health issues and that our life styles don’t have to change to get healthy which in reality is the reverse. Check out his interview on the School of Greatness.

So how does this all relate to ayahuasca? I am in no way saying that ayahuasca is some magic pill and after you take it your cancer will be gone. It takes more work on your part. Ayahuasca gives you the power to see how you are acting in your life from a third person perspective. It allows you to travel into your sub-conscious and see what is causing your life to be lived the way you are living it. It allows you to go back to old memories which shaped the person you are and look at them from a different perspective. It allows you to release the bad energy you have been holding on to for your entire life. This is where true healing comes from. Ayahuasca is not a patch to fix the symptoms. It is a tool to allow you to solve the root of the problem. This is where ayahuasca’s miraculous healing comes from.

It can be extremely difficult to change the deep unconscious habits that come from our early childhood. It can be even more difficult to even notice these habits. I am not saying ayahuasca is the only way. It is one of many ways to heal, but the bottom line is in order to cure cancer and a wide variety of diseases you must seek to heal the root of the problem, not just patch up the symptoms. If you have a hard time believing this I strongly recommend you watch the interviews I share within this article.  

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