Breaking Down the Psychedelic Experience


Anyone who has experience with psychedelic substances knows that every experience can be radically different from the next. They are like a mystery box: you don’t know what you’re going to get. This is why there is some sort of resistance or nervousness that arises when you are about to partake in an experience. These feelings come from the uncertainty of what is to come. It is natural for Humans to feel nervous or resist something when they don’t know what is going to happen. This also happens when you meet people you do not know for the first time or part take in an activity in which you do not know the outcome. Essentially, the psychedelic experience is just that, an experience, but opposed to our regular everyday experience where we have to face the world, instead, we have to face ourselves.

Psychedelics bring you into higher energy states and what happens in these states is tightly correlated with who you are as a person and your life experiences. It is a very subjective experience which is why if someone asks me what they will experience on a psychedelic there is no way I can answer them. 

 As I do more research on psychedelics and as I use these substances to help me in my life, I have realized that there are stages to the psychedelic experience. These stages are what I usually go through during any one of my trips. All though all my experiences and insights differ throughout all my psychedelic experiences, even if it is the same substance, I have noticed there is a general path in which the experience follows.

Stage 1

This is the build-up phase. After about 15 – 20 minutes there is a build-up of energy in your root. Your root is about a few centimeters below your belly button and a few centimeters into your body. There are many ancient scriptures that state that this is where the source of all your energy comes from. In my experience this area in my body is activated and energy starts to flow up from it to my head. I start to feel the energy very mildly. I start to feel a little nauseated and find it a hard to focus.

Stage 2

This is the uncomfortable phase. The build-up phase continues to get more intense and that energy keeps flowing up more and more.  My thoughts start to melt and my experience starts to get uncomfortable. Things start to look different and my experience of reality starts to shift from a stable one to an unstable one. I start to feel more nauseated and feel agitated, similar to the feeling you get when you want to get out of the situation you are in. I actually do not know what I am feeling at this point because it feels like I am feeling everything at once. My thoughts start to break down and I start to question my core fundamental beliefs. It is almost like my mind and my reality are being deconstructed. Most of the time this stage is very uncomfortable but sometimes it can be quite interesting.

Stage 3

This is the explosion phase. In order to get to this phase I have found I had to really give into that uncomfortable feeling in the previous stage and feel whatever that feeling was in its entirety. I have to really let go and just allow the experience to be. This stage is when something mystical happens. It is always hard to describe these moments because there is no vocabulary to describe them. Even if I used words to describe what I was feeling or what I was seeing, it wouldn’t make much sense and it would not fully describe what my experience was in its entirety. I even have a hard time remembering these mystical states because my mind is so accustomed to thinking a certain way and these experiences do not fit into that framework of thinking that is normal to me. It almost feels like a dream and I can only remember glimpses of it when it is all said and done. Most of the time these mystical experiences are the most profound and meaningful experiences I have ever had.

Stage 4

This stage is the settling down phase. This is where I start to slowly build back my framework of reality and my energy starts to settle down. This is the stage where I feel extremely good and I start to grasp many insights about my life. It is similar to the feeling of nourishment and I feel very light and clear. This is definitely the most enjoyable phase and it is a very pleasant experience. I am still in a state where I can grasp the profundity of the experience and streams of insights about my life flow to me. Eventually, I am back to my regular reality and I feel rejuvenated and mentally clear.

This is the framework of what I have experienced using psychedelics. As I said before, my experiences with psychedelics greatly differ from one another but this is the general path that they follow. This path may be different from what you have experienced because the psychedelic experience is a very subjective and personal one. I have found psychedelics if used properly, can be a way to break down the limitations of what you think you are and what you think you can do. If you do decide to partake in a psychedelic experience, do your research on how you can use them in a way to help them give you what you are looking for. Remeber, psychedelics are just tools. It is how you use the tool that counts. 

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