Why Reading can Change your Life


Reading. It is something that is necessary for our society to function. If you were not literate you would not understand what I am writing as of this moment. You would also be very limited to engage in other aspects of society. Let’s look at the brain for a moment. The brain is a remarkable structure. It allows us to recognize the environment around us, allows us to have a perception and millions of functions which are mostly unconscious to us. I would compare it to your digestive system. Your digestive system has the ability to consume something physical, break it down and extract the necessary energy from it, providing fuel to your body. The brain works the same way but instead of consuming something physical, it consumes information. It then uses this information, filters it out and then creates or adds to a perception or belief system. Unlike the digestive system that is active when we eat, the brain is consuming information all the time. Our perception is the way we see the world. No two people will see an apple in the same way because they both have totally different experiences and therefore have gathered totally different information. I would even argue that people with a similar perception of the world like each other and people with conflicting perceptions dislike each other.

So what does this all have to do with reading? From my experience of reading book after book, I have seen drastic changes over the years. First off I would say it really depends on what you are reading. If we look at the analogy given above comparing the brain with the digestive system, you can see that if you eat junk food the digestive system will only be able to take so much energy from that food. This may leave you feeling sluggish and tired all the time. It also has to remove all these toxins where even more energy is required. If we look at the brain we can see there are things that are like junk food for our brains. Some examples include mindless TV shows, gossips stories of celebrities and a variety of things that just give you immediate pleasure. As said before all this information will alter or add to your perception of the world. If you keep consuming information like this over and over again, this is all that the mind will see in the world and it will be hard for you to think or be open to other things in life.

I think you can see that if you start feeding your mind with information that makes you a better person, naturally you will start becoming a better person. It may take years and years to notice but from my experience, I can definitely conclude that this is, in fact, the case.  And this is why I find reading as one way to do this among many others. Reading books that will stimulate creativity and start making you think more deeply, that teach you things about yourself that you didn’t know and essentially anything that increases your perception of the world in a way that will allow you to be the best version of yourself are the books I am talking about. I am not one to say what things are good and bad, and I am not saying that watching cartoons all day is a bad thing. I am just saying if you watch cartoons all day, that will make up the majority of your perception and the way you see the world will be limited to that information.

On another note, reading book after book will, without a doubt, increase your intellectual capabilities substantially. I would argue that no human being is dumb, they just do dumb things and in contrast no human being is smart they just do smart things, if that makes any sense. Reading has definitely increased my perception in a way that I can be the best version of myself. Also, the time spent reading is time spent away from all the bullshit information in our world today because let’s face it, in today’s society it takes something to not let all the bullshit get to you because there is so much of it. The moral of the story is to do things that will make you be the best version of yourself and for me, reading is one of those things.

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